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Contribution report for Jun. 2021

Posted on:2021年7月2日 at 00:00

Highlighted works

June was a great month!

Others / brief review

Some happy news from me!

About my job

I’m now part of Huawei (since a few month ago) but nothing has changed, I’m working on rust-lang things as a work. Thanks to them, I’m contributing to Rust-related stuff more actively!

I’m now co-lead of the rustc-dev-guide working group

I’ve been contributing to the rustc-dev-guide since 2019 (it used to be called as “rustc-guide”). And now, I’m happy to announce that I’m new co-lead of the WG. Huge thanks to Joshua, the previous co-lead, they’ve made many contributions.

Thanks to all my sponsors!

Sponsoring helps my life and FLOSS work much, thanks!

My sponsors (as of 2021-07-02, ordered by oldest):

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