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The state of @JohnTitor, 2022

Posted on:2022年12月23日 at 00:00

The stats

The number of PRS I submitted

As of the writing this, I’ve submitted 430 PRs this year (link).

PRs count 2022

The number of PRs I reviewed

As of the writing this, I’ve reviewed 786 PRs this year (link).

reviewed PRs count 2022

The number of public contributions

As of writing this, I’ve made 4024 public contributions this year 1.

contributions count 2022


I’ve been receiving a lot of support from my sponsors. Thank you so much!

I won’t reveal the exact amount of money I’ve received since it’s somewhat sensitive, but it accounts for 20 to 30% of my income this year. My sponsors literally make my life easier.

Here’s my sponsors as of the writing this:

sponsors 2022

This image is generated by Sponsorkit with some tweaks.

I’d especially like to express my tremendous gratitude to the long-time sponsors. They make my life sustainable!


I’m planning to continue my work contributing to FLOSS, in particular, the Rust community.

One thing I’d like to resolve in 2023 is to make two policies on the libc crate, one is for minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) and the other is for minimum supported system library version.

The current MSRV of the crate is 1.13.0, which is quite old. The libc crate currently supports newer Rust features using cfgs, but it adds huge complexity to the codebase. It can be seen in this PR’s deletion diff. This issue has a lot of discussion on this topic but the decision hasn’t been made yet.

And, we also don’t have any policies for minimum supported system library version, e.g. glibc or musl. This can be a problem when an upstream changes an ABI or removes an item. If the libc crate followed that change immediately, it would break the existing code that depends on old system library versions. There are some related discussion, e.g. #1412 or #1848.

I’m sure making such policies will be difficult and controversial, but I think it’s necessary to make the crate more maintainable.

If you find my work useful, please consider sponsoring me. It definitely helps me and my life a lot. You can sponsor me via GitHub Sponsors.


  1. Noticed that there are fewer contributions at the beginning of the year? That’s because I was “endwalk”ing.